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Fame IT Consultancy is committed to creating opportunities for your business growth. With a non-stop improvement and creative mindset, our team can easily adjust to fast growing industries and build great project for your business. We know how to delight our customers by delivering great services.
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Social Media Marketing

In today’s world of digitization, the new root marketing that has bloomed as well as extensively used is social media marketing. A large customer base falls in this shell called social media. So, this form of marketing has gained a pivotal position in any business’s marketing tasks and goals.

SEO Tools
We can make use of and make recommendations for some of the best social media tools in the world.
Building Community
We can help you build your online community to target specific followers as well as grow the fan base on your social media accounts organically.
Community Monitoring
We can help you to discover information about your target market and about the people that follow you every day.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

We at Fame ITC are known as an internationally acknowledged consultancy firm for its high end digital marketing services.

We review our client’s existing PPC campaigns to analyse and make improvements to the marketing strategies of the client’s company and/or business.
Bing Ads
We perk up our client’s bing advertising campaigns, create custom ads, as well as aid in getting maximum boost up of sales from these PPC ads.
We can help you to identify online opportunities as well as create highly focused content that will capture users across social media websites and draw them into your professional profile.

Digital Marketing Services

The world of business has moved from traditional marketing mechanisms to digital marketing. Companies can’t do away with digital marketing today. Fame ITC is known across the globe for our expertise in providing digital marketing solutions to our international client base.

Registered Domain Names
We are at your service to aid you in registering a domain name that will advance your branding in the industry as well as assisting your customers across the globe to distinguish your brand through just the click of a website link.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is the word of the times now. We are there to create content for our client’s social media pages and also offer analytic reports on their social media accounts.
Digital Advertising
We are a SMO company as so our team of digital marketing consist of Ad Words experts who can perform keyword research as well as optimization for our client’s advertising needs.

Web Application Development

A creative fully furnished space located in the heart of Los Angeles, which has a lounge by the pool, arcade games, coffee bar, phone booths and of course 24×7 power and internet.

Fame ITC’s impromptu goal is to materialize your ideas into realistic concepts that can be developed into high standard websites or web applications.
Development Services
We have employed ourselves with developers who have got more than eight years of expertise in the field of web application development.
Design Service
Fame ITC consists of a vibrant number of high-skilled professional graphic designers who makes a team of qualified personnel that is fit to surprise you with the best supplies to meet your demands.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce is the buzz word of the decade, and no doubt every single business is trying to establish itself on this wide-end digital platform. One major benefit of e-Commerce is its accessibility anywhere, anytime. Business organisations all over the world have been developing themselves in the digital world over the past ten years and more.

E-Commerce Site Development
We can develop a website from scratch to best ecommerce website with high sales copy & a unique theme that helps in reaching your audience.
Security & Encryption
We can focus on your security and encryption standards so that you can prevent malicious attacks on your customers & your website.
Technical Support
We provide ongoing technical support for your e-commerce site so that it becomes most dependable option for payments and online shopping.

Android App Development

Who doesn’t have an Android gadget these days? Being a highly used operating system that is lucid in style and application, it has gained popular demand and has a great impact on software organisations’ growth in today’s world.

We will create mockups and developments of any android application to ensure a successful user interface, imagery that suits your corporate culture and more.
Assessing Your Needs
We will determine the needs of your company and for your android application development so that you can end up with a product that services the needs of your customers, help you increase efficiency and more.
We can provide ongoing support and troubleshooting after your application is fully launched. We can also provide assistance for working with existing Android applications to provide troubleshooting services.

iPhone Application Development

The niche market space in the mobile segment has gone to the iPhone. No doubt on it; and hence, we are here to serve your interest by providing well-refined i-Phone app development services.

Solutions for Your Business
We can examine problems within your business and provide guidance on how you could develop an application to manage these issues.
We won’t watch any IOS application without proper testing first. Our in-house testers will make sure that your IOS application can stand up to the rigors of daily use.
Support & Maintenance
Not just design and development, we also provide services to maintain the application post deployment over App Store. We help keep the apps updated with latest iOS features released by Apple and maintain compatibility with new device’s hardware.

SEO Services

Digitalisation has made the significance of websites and other e-platforms and services grown to a very advanced level. In this era, there wouldn’t be any organisation which does not know the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Every business would be providing various kinds of products and services. However, in order to make these products and services, or for that matter, the business as such, to be known to the world and people, SEO is the need of the hour.


In today’s world also, we cannot completely do away with the traditional mechanisms and tactics of marketing completely. Even today, printed hoardings, brochures and such sorts are of significance. So we not only excel in delivery of digital services of the usual e-platform sorts, but also provide digital printing services.

Direct Mail
We can design and print direct mail materials that you can use for your marketing effort.
We can design and print full-color professional brochures that are suitable for showcasing your products or services.
Business Cards
Ad Words experts can perform keyword research as well as optimization of your advertising. We can ensure that your advertising budget is used to the fullest.

Graphic Design

Fame ITC is a leading Graphic Design Services company based in India. We provide creative graphic designs for our clients. Our aim is to develop graphic designs that have the cutting edge quality in prominence. Our designs can be used in print materials, website design, web element design and much more.

We Provide

  • Customised Template Designs
  • Promotional Designs
  • Brochure Designs
  • Catalogue Designs

Logo Design

Mostly the first that comes to the mind of any long standing or repeat customer is the brand logo of the company. So having a highly visually enabled yet lucid logo is an essential ingredient of brand building.
We, at FameITC work towards building such logos for our clients that can help in instilling the element of trust in their customers by establishing the clientele’s uniqueness in the market. As a logo design services company, we intend to provide creative yet affordable logo design services to our clients.

Web Design Services

First impression is the best impression. This is a golden age that is effective even today. Strategically designing your website, so as to catch the attention of the visitors or customers in the very first go itself is of utmost importance to successive survival of any business.

Beauty can seize the eye of the spectator first. So the beauty and attraction quotient of the website is of prime significance. Surveys show that approximately 94% of the visitors return to a website because of its beauty and attractiveness.

Magento Development

Fame IT consultancy is popularly known for it’s Magento website development services company in India. With years of industrial experience, we have reached to a level of success by giving our quality services. We have built numerous magento web applications for various clientele. Today ecommerce is the most trending and the most used platform for making shopping cart for the business, this has given business owners a large profit making these years.

WordPress Development

WordPress is prominent and well-distinguished open source content management system used across the globe. It is known profoundly for its robustness and user-friendliness. Most suitable for satisfying requirements of high security, accessibility, surfeit of plug-ins and tailored designs to make the best blogs and websites, it is no doubt the best CMS worldwide.

3D Animation

A digital world without 3-D animation? Can’t even imagine today without having it right? The 3-D version of any idea or concept definitely has a different impact altogether. It can widen the attraction and intensity of the message that is being conveyed to the viewers.

Product Demos
We can digitize your product and create a 3-D animation to showcase how it works. With our 3-D animation solutions, you can demonstrate your product even in a prototype phase or showcase the advantages of your product in a video presentation.
Website Graphics
A 3-D animated logo or website graphic is bound to make an impact for your brand. We can animate elements of your branding to make your web page stand out.
Movies & Develop
We can create 3-D animated scenes for movies and entertainment. We have the equipment and software to produce photorealistic 3-D animated images and the talent to work with a new age of filmmakers.

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