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Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

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We at Fame ITC are known as an internationally acknowledged consultancy firm for its high end digi-marketing services of prominence among the many services that we provide stand our Pay Per Click (PPC) services in advertising.

Fame ITC’s PPC services offer Google ad words support and pay per click advertising support on multiple platforms. Our services in this domain allow our clients to realize the full potential of their digital advertising budgets. As a Pay Per Click Advertising Agency, we aim to complement our client’s SEO strategies and marketing campaigns.

Being a PPC Management Solutions Company based in India, we offer excellent services to our clients at affordable budgets. Our experts deliver the clients an all rounder service package that includes the testing, analytics and even the complete research of the project in hand. In this way we ensure that our clients are able to get utmost satisfaction from their investment in our services. We generate highly targeted pay per click campaigns that has a guarantee of reaching out the right way and at the right time to the right potential customer base. Our service packages include variants from those which can handle multiple advertising campaigns to those that deal with monthly advertising campaigns.

As a Google adwords certified company, we ensure our clients savings in time, cost as well quality in output.

Our top PPC services include


We review our client’s existing PPC campaigns to analyse and make improvements to the marketing strategies of the client’s company and/or business.

 Bing Ads

We perk up our client’s bing advertising campaigns, create custom ads, as well as aid in getting maximum boost up of sales from these PPC ads.


We can help you to identify online opportunities as well as create highly focused content that will capture users across social media websites and draw them into your professional profile. We can prescribe a long-term social media success strategy that will help you engage a large number of users and develop fruitful and professional online profiles.

 Conversion Monitoring

We provide our clients with continuous reporting and monitoring services of advertising campaigns so as to enable a proper tracking of the marketing agent that PPC is.

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