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The Science of Love

The Science of Love

Over nearly four decades in the past, John Gottman set out to fully grasp love from the lens of science.

He / she measured the behavior, perception, and even physiology of couples in the long run in his study lab (dubbed the “Love Lab) for the University regarding Washington. While using the data amassed, he was able to create equations for really like and discover the numerical dynamics associated with a relationship.

Astonishingly, even to him, he was able to estimate with through 90% correctness whether newlyweds would continue being together or possibly break up.

In his TEDx Converse, The Science of affection, Gottman explains how his or her scientific numerous created a brand-new understanding of enjoy relationships.

He / she describes his love equations, and the magical trio about calm, faith, find a wife online and devotion.

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