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How To Create And Manage Budget Efficient Paid Search Campaign?

Mostly we came up with the question that why should we invest in paid search campaign when the organic search result carrying me on the top position. We concluded

that when we invest in a paid search campaign when the organic search result carrying me on the top position. We concluded that when we invest in SEO and PPC simultaneously, it will generate brand awareness among the potential customer.
The major factor is to understand between organic CTR (click-through-rate), ad CTR and cost per click for the keywords. We can track high traffic keywords and their position across both the channels to verify performance between organic and paid search results.

Paid Search Campaign And SEO Need To Work Together:
When the online marketing search campaign is set, it all comes down to the key performance indicators. When we start any SEO campaign, it takes the time to see the results of our combined SEO strategies that we have implemented. But the main strength of PPC is that it shows short-term performance and visibility for the specified search queries. Both bind them together for the better performance in SERP.

The organic position will rise with well informed and properly optimizations. When our webpage gained organic page one position, it is possible to identify the number of ways in which PPC reduces it cost naturally.

Increase Click Through Rate (CTR) And Decrease Cost Per Click (CPC):
The firm often starts implementing a paid search campaign with the positive intention for generating business leads. But the past accounts that are implementing PPC campaign and SEO strategies together helps in getting higher CTR as well as lower cost per click in paid search. The data is evaluated from the keyword – The specific keywords with the active search ads and the keywords with organic ranking.

Source: Search Engine Land
For the non-branded keywords that have active tactics for both paid and organic search presence, we observed a CTR is 8.93% for paid search campaign and 5.10% for the organic search.

The graph also shows that cost per click (CPC) statistic, paid search alone stands average CPC of $2.06, while the CPC for the keywords with an organic search presence stands at $1.18. Thus the CPC cost also decreases with the combined paid and paid search tactics.

An overall report shows that the paid keyword with organic presence had a higher quality score than the same paid keyword without organic search presence. This could happen because of the higher CTR from SERP exposure.

From the best search marketing practitioners, the results found that paid + search optimization is the most effective for adjusting bids and ad position based on organic search ranking. This is not a good practice for optimization to apply on overall overlapping keywords.

Track And Monitor Your Competitors:
It’s not important just to optimize and track our account, we have to keep a keen watch on our competitor’s activities too. Without direct access to their account, we can’t review their analytics or ad performance report. We have to manually monitor their SERP performance with specific insight report by using third-party tools.

We can access the auction insight report within our AdWords account. This report allows us to evaluate competitor’s domain that is currently bidding on the specific keywords by providing a snapshot of the competitive landscape.

We can also use domain analysis tool like SEMrush to analyze competitor’s presence on SERP and backlink analysis. We can able to identify specific keywords that should be considered for bidding and evaluating our own strategies on how to allocate budget.

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