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Google Is Ready To Roll Out Angular 4.0 Version In March 2017

AngularJS is the most popular JavaScript framework used by web developers for web application development. It was launched in 2009 and maintained by Google. Since release, Google has provided lots of updates which have become quite common for the developers.

Google has skipped the release of Angular 3 and the new version will be Angular 4, not 3 which was announced by Igor Minar (Angular Lead Developer) in Angular Conference which was held at Belgium.
So What Is New In Angular 4.0?
Many new features were added to the new Angular 4.0 version. A new feature was added to a common category as well as compiler category. Some features also added to the language – services, https, forms while other features were added to testing, router, and platform browser categories. All these new features will combine and make it more efficient and fast for the developers. Since developers are always awaited for the best open source framework with updated version i.e. Angular 4 beta version. The final updated version will soon be going to be launched in March 2017.


    • Typescript compatibility

As the typescript team has been working on improving factors like Creating smarter compiler which can handle an error in a better way and provide better error notifying message. To provide extra type safety, typescript team is working on implementing strictNullChecks.

    • Compatibility with older Angular version

As they are optimizing the current Typescript, which leads to faster Angular complier. The updated Typescript will be having a breakthrough change since the current Angular Typescript version 1.8 is not compatible with version 2.1.

Now with updated AngularJS version, we can successfully use interface and data from the application which was made from the earlier version of Angular v2. Thus, providing the backward compatibility with the application which was made from Angular v2.

Some Other Advantage Of Using Angular

When using AngularJS, we need to split the app into components and MVC takes to care for the rest of it.
To form the interface of the app, AngularJS uses HTML. The interface rearrangement is also less difficult if required then.
Additional functionality of the Angular can be enhanced by adding directives. It is not required to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM), with the multiple elements in a function and we only need the MVC data.
Developers get rid of writing long and complicated codes with AngularJS.
Release Schedule
Google is planning to roll out Angular v4 in March 2017 but before they will schedule to release for their betas and rc (release candidate) versions they will simply put beta version for testing before putting the final version to the developers.

The reason behind this entire exercise is to bring more predictive and stable version rather not to worry about the number of beta versions. Get ready for the all-new Angular v4.

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